About Our Company

Aging in the Comfort of Home is a unique full service company that offers home modification and products of interest to the aging population, people with disabilities, and veterans. Our experienced service teams and installers can handle everything from minor modifications to full home modification. We can customize your home to fit your needs and budget. Our trained professionals are on the job site from the beginning of the project through completion to ensure our philosophy of “Complete Customer Satisfaction.” We understand the sensitive needs of our clients. We strive to provide a safe, clean living environment throughout the entire home modification process. There is no need to ever leave the comfort of home.

Our Standard Procedures

  • Draping and sealing off work areas to reduce noise and dust
  • Keeping passageways cleared of construction materials
  • Cleaning work areas daily
  • Communicating with the resident about the process
  • Working in conjunction with your health care professional to ensure the most beneficial products and conversion.

Our Business Model

Aging in the Comfort of Home's business model is unique in the sense that our company blends the very specialized medical requirements of our client base with years of construction management. One important aspect of the business model is the ongoing educational process. In fact, continuing education is an everyday event for my staff and service providers within the network. It is Aging Comfortably At Home’s mission to serve our client’s continually changing needs. State of the art services, product development, and research becomes of paramount importance to afford our clients cutting edge innovations within this ever changing industry. Aging Comfortably At Home is dedicated to developing the utmost expertise in the aging and infirmed field. We will make every effort to know what products and services are available, and to use this knowledge enabling our clients to age with dignity in the comfort of their homes.